Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pizza Galore

It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and supposed to be, I should be at the same pizza parlor with my friends, Well, I know they’ll understand… (kailangan pa bang imemorize yan??!!...) They are my friends and for sure, they know the reason why I’ am always…I mean SOMETIMES LATE…
When I arrived, my friends are smilling…telling me…” ssssooooo therrrrreeee…..” (at xempre may tawanan ang mga hinyupak hehehe…)
While busy chatting, A cute guy wearing apple green polo shirt with matching tuck in sa kanyang black slacks come near to us..Throwing us a great sweet sexy smile while saying “ ENJOY YOUR ORDER MA’AM” (AAnyanyanyah…un crew pala…)
That “ BIGGG” Pizza caught my attention, not because I’m hungry (uhhmm…consider mu na din pala) but more of curiosity, How come these guys were able to cut the pizza equally but the toppings are not equally distributed.
We got a big pizza cut into 8 pieces, I noticed that some part is much cheesier than the other, one got all of the bell pepper, some got more pineapple tidbits, the others got a mushroom but some doesn’t have, But I realized,
it doesn’t really matter at all,.

Then I jump into the conclusion…ang tao pala parang pizza…

I look at my friends…Each of us have different characteristics and attitudes, different talents and skills, different fashion statements and physique, but despite of all differences, all of us have each mouth watering taste…( I mean lahat merong itinatagong maipagmamalaki din naman)

Just like the pizza infront of us, eventhough some toppings are missing from the other, each portion have the toppings that make each of the pieces special.

People sometimes forget that nobody’s perfect,Just like pizza…we cannot find everything in a single piece,Nobody are being blame and nobody complains..the real thing is , ...
we JUST need to learn the value of ACCEPTANCE

Accept that everyone is unique,,that’s all


Then I smiled after thinking the pizza-life idea

and to my surprise ..................
Nothing left for me to eat


LESSON: Wag isip ng isip ng kung anu-ano kung ayaw mong magutom LOLZ…

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